Woman at War

Halla declares a one-woman-war on the local aluminium industry. She is prepared to risk everything to protect the pristine Icelandic Highlands she loves… Until an orphan unexpectedly enters her life.



This movie was okay. I loved the sweeping long shots showcasing the Icelandic landscape. It had some quirky moments like the music interludes but overall missing the magic and charm I love to see from independent films. The hybrid genre of comedy/action/? left me confused at times and took away from the thought-provoking plot. Liked the messages about the environment, corporate power and the influence of the media, an important topic in this political climate, I just struggled to connect to the characters. EXCEPT FOR THE DOG CALLED WOMAN ILY WOMAN. The ending was fun but like I said, eh. A good movie to have under your sleeve if you want to impress an eco warrior with your woke movie recommendations. Peeps like ——->


Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. YES!

What a way to bounce back! Finally a movie with strong female characters, willing to risk all to achieve personal values and ambitions. Halla, the lead crusader, is a badass environmentalist who I’m desperate to be friends with. Despite the Icelandic language barrier, I feel our strong mindsets and desperation to be moms sets a strong foundation for best friendship. Another stand out character for me would be Woman. What a bitch. Not to mention the MUSIC OMG I JUST REMEMBERED HOW FUNNY THAAAAT PART IS! The instrumentalists in each shot. If this is Icelandic humour, I’m down for it.

This movie is charming and compelling, one I would easily watch twice in a week. I was captured entirely throughout and then left feeling impressed for dayzzzzz at the ending. What an amazing way to finish. Gimme MORE! Benedikt Erlingsson for PM peeps. What a film geno.



Loved it on so many levels! Not only was it a well put together movie but it stands for something so important in today’s society. With a strong female lead fighting for her beliefs it’s easy to get behind her and will her on, stick it to the man so to speak. Despite the strength of character there is also a gentleness; the adoption of a young Ukrainian girl and the internal conflict of personal dreams vs global needs.

The movie is vibrant in its spanning imagery and also its musical soundtrack.

I loved the quirky comedic value and honestly didn’t want it to finish, although when it did I was left extremely satisfied with that smile evoking twist of an ending.

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